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Spring sailing in North Dalmatia – Day 5. Tribunj

From today perfect weather was predicted, and luckily this time it proved to be true. We were enjoying the sunshine going downstream in the Krka river valley, it looked really amazing compared to the grey weather when we arrived. We were passing under big bridges, and sailing past oyster farms. You can stop there and buy some fresh Oyster at the floating container if you like.

Oyster farm

We had a small technical issue – now it was proven what we suspected already that our GPS is a bit off because it was showing us sailing ashore while we were in the middle of the channel. This Garmin GPSmap 820 was not very user-friendly – no touch screen and over complicated usage. On a 2016 boat it was like a device from 2006…

We decided to take a small round in front of Sibenik to make some photos from the water before we exit the channel.

Destination was Tribunj a small peninsula near Vodice. When we left the Krka river we had so perfect sailing weather that when reached Tribunj we all felt it is too early to stop sailing so we sailed past, had a few tacks and late dinner on board before we moored finally. We enjoyed that much we even forgot to take photos so I have just some simple ones not fully giving back the good vibes on board 🙂

For whatever reason we got a berth in the super yacht area 🙂 The marina was very well maintained (and bigger then the village itself) mainly used by owners, interestingly not a typical charter destination. You have to get a token for the showers from the reception for a small deposit.

After everyone was ready we decided to go around the village and find good restaurant for our last dinner during our vacation. The peninsula was even smaller than I expected – perfect stroll to have even better appetite for dinner.

We ended up in Konoba Markiolac what proved to be an excellence choice. It is traditional family run restaurant on the waterfront. While the konobas in Croatia usually have a good food most of them are average and one is like the other and only a few of them really excel – Konoba Markiolac was one of them. Service and food was excellent, we enjoyed watching the family preparing food with great care instructed by the Mamma. Fellow sailors were waiting for their well deserved Peka (traditional Croatian food baked under the bell – you have to order it hours or a day in advance) at the table next to us – you have to order it hours or a day it advance. It looked that delicious we felt a bit envy, but next time we will order it for sure.

We had a short walk after dinner, just enjoying the sunset and watching the yachts in this huge marina. We had a really perfect day with all the goodies you can expect from a sailing vacation – wind, sunshine, sea, good company, beautiful landscapes and exceptional food!

Tomorrow morning we get up early with my wife, and decided to walk to the village for some fresh bread and pastries for breakfast after having a shower. One of the many benefits of sailing is that you can stay in “pajamas” all day if you wish without feeling underdressed 🙂

The marina was already alive, technicians were working on yacht maintenance, putting back her into the water for start of the season by the time when the owner arrives.

We found a nice bakery so we filled out bag with salty and sweet delicacies what we had for breakfast together with a coffee.

This was our last day unfortunately, so we had to start earlier back to Biograd to do the check-out at 15:00.