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Murter - Colentum

Spring sailing in North Dalmatia – Day 2. Murter

On Sunday morning the wind settled down a bit, but the weather was not very nice still. Black clouds were approaching from the south as the result of the Jugo what is bringing wet weather for days. As our destination – Murter was exactly upwind so we started beating to the south and tacking on the sides of the channel.

As we were approaching Murter we were heading exactly into a storm cell. This resulted in heavy downpouring with wind gusts getting more powerful. I can not show you pictures of the storm because I was busy helming the boat other crew members were changing clothes after getting soaked. It was time to test the rain boots and other waterproof gear we brought 🙂 We furled in the sails and started the motor as it was enough of the tacking training for that day.

You have to be careful approaching Murter because the depth between the islands is sometimes just 1-2m! I decided to go between Mali Prisnjak and Radelj because the depth is 5m there. Although we had only 2m draft, I wanted to be on the safe side…

After we moored in Marina Hramina, the clouds cleared up and we went for a bit of hiking to Colentum – an archeological site on the remains of an ancient Roman city. There is something special about Colentum. Whenever we come to Murter (this is 3rd or 4th times) we always come here to experience the tranquillity of this magical place.

Tomorrow morning we woke up to perfect weather, blue sky with beautiful clouds, and ideal wind for our voyage to Primosten: