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Spring sailing in North Dalmatia – Day 1. Biograd

Finally everything is packed so we can drive to Croatia to start our long awaited spring sailing in the beautiful North Dalmatian area 🙂 Packing was quite challenging, because according the weather forecast we were expecting very changing weather with rain, wind, cold and sun.

We arrived to Biograd na Moru / Marina Korna West on 05.18 around 15:00 to start the check-in procedure with our boat “Polo” a Bavaria Cruiser 37 chartered from Euronautic. Everything went smoothly at the reception, after the paperwork we went through the boat equipment with the skipper. The boat was well maintained and spotlessly clean, so after the check-in we moved in with all our packages for the week.

The crew – Me (Bence) on the left, Anna my wife is taking the photo & our passengers Dani (my cousin) and his wife Eszter on the right
S/Y “Polo”Our boat for the week

With some help in the office I managed to set up the sentinel app on my mobile phone where we can track our route throughout the forthcoming week. It was very convenient because earlier I tried some tracker apps but they never worked perfectly, sometimes GPS signal was lost, or the just battery was running low very quickly.

Originally we planned to depart already on Saturday but the Jugo (S-SE wind) was blowing around 25kn with heavy waves so we rather voted for provisioning.

After we filled up with local ingredients it was sunset already, the wind settled down and was time for a dinner.

We originally wanted to visit Konoba Barba as we had some great meals there in the past years (try the peka – you need to order in advance for 4-5 persons), but unfortunately (at least for us) it was full of sailors enjoying their sundowners and meals – obviously we were a bit late. We visited then Konoba Kaciol, they had some free tables but they were out of fish for the day, we were hungry for some tuna steak so we moved forward to Konoba Kampanel near the church. It was nearly empty, what is not a good sign usually, but it is still off season and we had no more choices :). The food was better than expected but nothing special the typical konoba food what you get everywhere in most of the cases. We went back to the boat for our well deserved sleep after this long day.