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Summer Sailing in Central Dalmatia – Day 5. Vis

We had to start early because we wanted to reach Vis by 14:00. Even in low season in the afternoon you have no chance to get a good berth or get any place to moor. In the high season it is even worse, there is no possibility to book in advance so you can just hope for the best. We were really looking forward to this leg as this was the only passage where for a small amount of time we did not see any land around to have a kind of “offshore” feeling at least. We had perfect wind finally so we were sailing silently to our destination. Interestingly even at this more remote location (at least by Croatian standards) we had to watch the AIS constantly because lots of big ferries and cruising ships were passing by. For one we were on collision course for a long time but surprisingly she changed course so we did not have to.

If you have no AIS it is a good trick to check collision course the following way: Choose a handrail pillar in the direction of the vessel you would like to check. Adjust your sight that the handrail pillar and the vessel is in one line. If you keep looking in the direction and you find that the vessel is overtaking the pillar it will go in front of you if the pillar is overtaking the vessel you will go in front of the vessel. If the vessel stays in line you are on collision course so have to be aware,

Actually the second picture above was created with a binocular + smartphone I was surprised that the result was better than expected. As we arrived early and out of the season we got a very good berth in the Kut area. If you prefer a tranquility to loud gin palaces Kut is the way to go. Our Berth was in the very center just in front of the church and a small restaurant.

Berth with a view

After the successful mooring we were relaxing a bit on the boat, watching the neighbours navigating in. Then we were excited to visit the city so not long after we went for a walk. Vis has a very special feeling totally different to other parts of Croatia, kind of Italian vibe. It quickly became our favourite spot, where we definitely come back for a longer time and explore more thoroughly.

octopus garage

After the long walk we got pretty hungry and we were advised to visit a pizzeria called Karijola. I ate a few pizzas during my life but this is definitely one of the best I ever had. It is right by the sea so you also have a nice view.

We went for some souvenir shopping – I bought a very useful book about Adriatic weather for sailors what I never saw before in stores. My wife got a scented candle which is so nice that whenever we smell the fragrance at home we smile and think of summer and sailing and want to go back immediately 🙂 We returned to the boat and after thin intense day we were in such a good mood that we did not want to sleep yet so we visited the Lambik Bar which was nearly opposite to our boat. We discussed the recent experiences during a G&T and after the bar has closed we finally returned to out floating home.