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Summer Sailing in Central Dalmatia – Day 1. Zaton

We arrived quite early around 13:00 to Zaton (Sibenik) to the Dream Yacht base up the Krka river. Our boat for the week was a brand new Dufour 382 GL – Islay. It was a very comfortable boat with 2 heads and a huge drawer fridge and self-tacking jib. We had to wait until the boat was prepared for check in. The staff was doing such a comprehensive cleaning and preparation on the boat what we saw never before. After a few hours we wanted to say that it is spotless enough can we sail away please? 🙂 Finally we did the paperwork and got the boat so we moved in with all our stuff for the week.

Our boat for the week Islay – is being prepared for check-in

The marina is operated by the charter company exclusively, although you can get a berth during the week when the charter boats are out. The sanitary facilities are good, there is one restaurant but it was quite uninviting so we rather had a 15min walk to the village.

We went to the local “Konzum” supermarket for provisioning and it was surprisingly good considering the size of the village. We bought all the food and water we planned for the week and headed back to the boat. After we arranged everything in the boat it was evening and was time for dinner. As I said the one and only restaurant in the marina was not very nice so we wanted something better. We did not want to walk again back to the village so we decided to rather have a dinghy ride. This time we did not look up any place in advance we just followed our instincts and chose the first likable place. So we finally tied the dinghy just in front of Konoba Feral. Maybe we just arrived too early but it took ages until they fired up the charcoal grill and started preparing the food. But hey we are at the mediterranean and we are not in a hurry so it was time to slow down. The food was really decent, nothing spectacular but still much better what we expected, so definitely one of the better Konobas. This is not a touristic place, the locals also eat here, so the prices are very reasonable.

By the time we finished with our dinner it was already dark outside, so we were using a mobile phone as a steaming light to navigate back to the boat among the fishing boats.